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Fillers can be used to remodel, shape, volumize, charge, and revitalise the skin. Fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a natural ingredient of the skin that reduces as we age. At Delicate Aesthetics in Tipton, we only use market-leading, approved fillers to achieve consistent, finely drawn, and natural results. Our fillers are non-permanent, producing instant results that can last for up to more than 18 months, but yes, of course, depending on the type of treatment performed. Fillers are at best as good the face of the injector. At Delicate Aesthetics in Tipton, West Midlands, our team have great experience of working with fillers over many years, refining the art of individual yet efficient treatments, to provide natural, fine, and refined results.

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Every brand and make of filler can last a different span of time. Some work around 6 months and others can work 12 to 18 months. The part of the face the filler was stand-in can also act on how long it lasts. Filler can wear off more swiftly in moving areas like the lips. Filler that is closely set like those used for cheekbones or jawline will also last longer.

Fillers are safe when the people care and necessary precautions have been taken timely. Collagen and hydroxylapatite fillers can not be mixed and so if they lock a vessel there is no easy way of unlocking the vessel. It is important to use an FDA-approved filler that has been through strong testing and clinical trials to approve its use as safe.

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