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Organic Latex Dual Zone Mattress Topper with Organic Cotton CoveringOrganic Latex Dual Zone Mattress Topper with Organic Cotton Covering
Organic Latex Dual Zone Mattress Topper with Organic Cotton CoveringOrganic Latex Dual Zone Mattress Topper with Organic Cotton Covering

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Japanese conglomerate Softbank, the owner of the Cambridge-based firm, is lining up investment banking giant Goldman Sachs to lead the listing. The move suggests Softbank is set on listing Arm in New York but it has sparked a backlash in the UK, with many seeing the firm as a jewel in the crown of the British tech sector. A number of leading politicians want to see Arm listed in London, including Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng who hopes that it will encourage other tech companies to follow suit.

We look at the Spring Statement and whether tax fiddling, a 5p petrol duty cut and some money off solar panels really cut the mustard in the face of a cost of living crisis.

Handling a phone in any way, from touching the screen to scroll a music playlist, browse the internet, take a photograph or play a mobile game is now strictly prohibited, and these rules apply when stopped at a red light or stuck in traffic. The only exceptions are for making calls to emergency services when there is no safe place to pull over and to use contactless payments like Apple Pay at fast-food drive-throughs and to pay tolls, while hands-free calls are still permitted. Drivers will still legally be allowed to use their phones as sat-navs if they are secured in a mount on the windscreen - though you can still be punished if the police believe a driver is touching a device in a cradle.



The company rose 7.4 per cent, or 55p, to 798.5p, after the Department for Transport awarded it a three-year agreement to run the Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern rail services from the start of April. It will also cover the Gatwick Express airport link from London's Victoria station. The award will bring some relief to Go-Ahead after it was slapped with a £23.5m fine by the DfT last week for its mishandling of the Southeastern railway franchise.

The company has said it is unable to offload its gold or repay a loan because of the inclusion of Gazprombank on the UK's sanctions list.

The warning from retail experts came after sales unexpectedly fell last month. Official figures showed sales fell 0.3 per cent between January and February.

So-called 'car-cloning' is on the increase as criminals steal the identities of cars in a variety of scams that leave thousands of innocent motorists with parking tickets and speeding fines for which they're not responsible. But in the worst cases, consumers are tricked into unwittingly buying stolen cars - with a false number plate and identity - and left thousands of pounds out of pocket when the vehicle is impounded and returned to its rightful owner.

I bought my house in South East London 11 years ago for about £1.7million. I currently owe around £1.3million on the mortgage, for which I pay around £2,350 per month. Last November, I noticed the extremely low mortgage rates on the market and decided to remortgage to a five-year fixed rate of 0.89% with my current lender, TSB. I calculated that this would cost me around £950 per month - a huge saving. I had the house valued by three estate agents at between £2.6million and £2.8million, which would give me just under 50 per cent equity at least. But when I tried to remortgage TSB said my house was valued at £1.3million: half of what the local agents said and £400,000 less than I paid for it 11 years ago. It doesn't make sense as property prices are rising fast in my area. Could they be looking at the wrong house?

Luckily most people who invested in crypto love to boast about it, says lawyer Toby Yerburgh of Collyer Bristow. He explains what to do if you are getting divorced and one partner (or both) owns crypto.

We revealed some of the most expensive homes for sale around Britain's shoreline. Pictured (clockwise from top left and then centre) are: A nine-bedroom home in the Southampton village of Warsash, a five-bedroom house in Cornwall, a five-bedroom townhouse in Brighton, a five-bedroom home on the island of Jersey and a five-bedroom house in Santon on the Isle of Man.

The Government has unveiled fresh measures and £1.6billion in new and existing funding to bolster the charging network from 30,000 to 300,000 devices by 2030 in a report published by the Department for Transport. However, industry insiders say the target might not go far enough to match demand for plug-in vehicles in the lead up to the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030.

Was that enough? When Rishi Sunak stood up to deliver his Spring Statement, the nation awaited news on what he would do to help with the cost of living crisis. A measure of that came just a few hours earlier when the ONS revealed CPI inflation had hit 6.2 per cent. That meant Sunak faced a challenge chancellors haven't seen for three decades: how to placate a nation whose bills are rising this fast?

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced a 5p-a-litre fuel duty cut in his Spring Statement. We explain everything you need to know about the levy on petrol and diesel.

A number of investment trusts are targetting an area of the market considered essential for the future of green power - energy storage. Two of those leading the way, Gresham House Energy Storage and Gore Street Energy Storage, have dividend yields above 5 per cent and posted total returns of 23 and 20 per cent, respectively, over the past year.

Our energy bills are soaring but many of us may be paying more than we need to, with electricity being drained without us knowing.'Vampire devices' wreak most of their damage at night, draining power when left on, even when not in use. A recent study by British Gas, the UK's largest supplier of electricity, estimated that as much as 23% of our electrical usage could be put down to vampire energy.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is planning to introduce cheap taxpayer-backed loans to help homeowners install heat pumps, solar panels and other energy efficient measures to combat rising fuel bills. But anyone contemplating switching from a traditional boiler to a heat pump needs stamina, patience and, most of all, substantial savings.

Judging by recent weeks on the stock markets, you can understand why savers might feel like staying clear of investing. After spending much of the past two years pushing from one high to the next, markets have endured a tricky three months. Yet personal finance experts say investing remains one of the most reliable ways to grow your savings - provided it's done responsibly.

Like many online shoppers, Student Synthia Gazi (pictured) was first tempted to use buy now, pay later services to buy clothes. But the controversial lenders are now touting their credit for everything from food to travel - and critics fear this easy credit will drag struggling households into debt as the nation faces a cost-of-living crisis.

This year marks a decade since the introduction of auto-enrolment rules that require both employees and employers to pay into a pension.

Women born in the 1950s missed out on up to £50,000 after the state pension age was raised from 60 to 66 between 1995 and 2011.

Values have increased a significant 10.4% during the past year to reach an average of £354,564, according to Rightmove. We take a quick look around the country to find some average prices properties, each displaying a price tag of £355,000. Pictured (clockwise from top left): A four-bed detached house in Worcestershire, a four-bed semi-detached house in Wales, a five-bed detached house in Scotland, a four-bed detached house in County Durham, a one-bed leasehold flat in East London's Wapping, and a three-bed detached house in Devon.

Installers tell Money Mail they have seen a recent increase in customer inquiries desperate to avoid rising energy prices next month.

Mara Girone (pictured) spent two years trying to find the right property in London without success. Exasperated, she turned to a buying agent.

Next has cut its sales and profit targets after shutting its operations in Russia and Ukraine. The London-listed retailer said earlier this month it was winding down its Russian distribution site following the Kremlin's invasion of Ukraine. It said the closure of websites in both Russia and Ukraine will knock around £85million off its sales forecasts for the current financial year.

Wickes Group has seen its annual earnings more than double as lockdowns as the growth of hybrid working continued encouraging many homeowners to make upgrades.

The chip drought continues to be a major toll on the sector, with the Mini Oxford plant (pictured) forced to shut down for five days in February due to a lack of semiconductors to go into its cars.

Rishi Sunak has been in Number 11 for barely two years but in that time he has been both a pandemic and a wartime Chancellor. He was hoping the Spring Statement would be just that - an update on the economy and public finances ahead of an autumn Budget that sets the Tories up for the next general election.

Everyman said the momentum it has seen since reopening its cinemas in May last year is continuing, with admissions returning to pre-Covid levels.

The bourse was shut on February 25 after Western sanctions sent Russian equities into freefall and caused the value of the rouble to plunge.

Bruce Carnegie-Brown (picture)said the insurance market was 'absolutely four-square behind' eradicating bullying and harassment uncovered in 2019.

The Warhammer 40,000 creator revealed that it would hand out a 70p per share dividend in three weeks' time in accordance with its policy to return surplus cash.

We are planning on putting our home on the market soon. We have noticed that although most properties have an exact asking price, there are some that don't. For example we have seen some ask for 'offers in excess of' a specific price, whilst others give a 'guide price' or range. There are also some with just say 'POA' and no price at all, which seems rather unhelpful. Is there any advantage to this?

We own our one-bedroom flat jointly, and would be willing to take a lower price if it meant we could move on with our lives sooner - but are these firms legitimate?

Some classic car projects can take longer than others. But this particular example has been 43 years in the waiting. This rare AC Ace was taken off the road by its owner in 1979 before being broken down into individual parts ahead of a piece-by-piece restoration. However, the refurbishment failed to materialise, leaving the classic car in a pile of components waiting to be put back together. Last week, the mortal remains of the now-collectable 1963 motor were offered at a UK auction to the highest bidder, with the winning enthusiast forking out over £200,000 for the stripped-down vehicle. Inset right, how the car could look once fully restored.

I have a near full employment history of making NI contributions, the majority of which were made under contracted out arrangements. Having accumulated 48 years full contributions by April 2021, is there any benefit or indeed obligation to make Class 3 contributions in order to protect the amount of pension I should receive? I have seen a comment and advice on your website which records HMRC's view that there is an obligation to continue to pay NI contributions, but I presume this was due to the person seeking the advice still being in employment. My situation is different in that I am currently unemployed and retired.

Telecoms giants including BT and Virgin aim to move all 29 million UK homes onto the new digital system that runs off the internet by 2025.

The Bank of England has hiked its base rate three times since December. But most of the big banks have simply shrugged their shoulders.

I am keen to support the current war effort for the Ukrainians and safely purchase war bonds. Are any platforms in the UK offering the bonds and are they a good investment?

Anyone wanting to save a deposit to buy their first home should consider putting money into a Lifetime Isa - and earn a 25 per cent bonus on contributions. Alternatively, the Isa can be used to save for later life, as the cash can also be taken out at the age of 60, but if it is taken out before then for anything other than a first home purchase then a hefty 25 per cent penalty applies.

Tax-efficient saving is not just for grown-ups. Money saved or invested in a Junior Isa is locked away until the child reaches 18, and earnings are tax-free.

Lisas were launched in April 2017, and savers deposited £1.25bn in the tax year 2019/20. But the lucrative scheme comes with strict rules.

The Blue Whale Growth fund has proved a hit with investors since its launch almost five years ago, richly rewarding them with an 82 per cent return. But investing conditions have changed dramatically over the past six months, with inflation seemingly far more persistent and less transitory than central banks expected, leading to a shift in the interest rate environment and a sell-off for high-flying growth stocks. Manager Stephen Yiu joins Simon Lambert to discuss whether his investment outlook has changed, how the recent shake-out has affected the Blue Whale portfolio and where he sees the best opportunities now.


Choosing the right DIY platform is crucial but a wealth of choice and a variety of charges can leave investors scratching their heads. We pick some of the best. We pick some of the best. We also highlight why investing in an Isa makes sense, as it should protect your hopefully growing investments from tax forever.

We pick our five favourite cash Isas for savers. This is essential Isa reading and is kept up-to-date throughout the year

Following months of historic lows, mortgage rates are starting to edge up for many borrowers following a rise in the Bank of England's base rate.

If you are interested in buying shares or know more about unearthing good companies and valuing them, read our guide to share investing.

Buy-to-let lost some of its spark in recent years but that might be about to change as new tax cuts and low mortgage rates have caused landlords to flock back to the market.

Premium Bonds Winners

Prize Area Value of bond
£1,000,000 Devon £2,000
£1,000,000 Cheshire West and Chester £8,000
£100,000 Derby £25,000
£100,000 Cardiff £15,000
£100,000 Wales £46,000
£100,000 Central Scotland £21,400
£100,000 Cumbria £1,000
£100,000 Devon £40,000
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